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Chemical StoresTransportable Store

The Transportable Chemical Store or Tool Chest provides a safe and secure storage unit for either tools on-site or chemicals within a building. The lid opens on a full length hinge and is supported on gas struts for ease of handling. 

The chest can be transported either by forklift - using the in-built support skids underneath or by a crane - using the heavy duty lifting eyes found either side. This versatile chest comes in 8 different sizes.

Product Specifications

  • Fully welded 2.5mm rigidly reinforced steel construction
  • Welded angles on the lid provide additional anti-jemmy protection
  • The lid is secured by 2 keyed alike B.S. 5 lever deadlocks


Length x Depth x Height

6'0" x 2'3" x 4'1" or 2'0"
5'0" x 2'3" x 4'1" or 2'0"
4'2" x 2'3" x 4'1" or 2'0"
3'2" x 2'3" x 4'1" or 2'0"

Prices start from £591.00 ex vat and delivery

Friday 20th July 2018

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