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The Mul-T-Lock security range offers a wide variety of high performance locking products, designed to suit almost any application, either domestic or commercial.  

The Mul-T-Lock system enables you to simply carry one key to open a range of applications instead of having a bunch of keys to open your front door, back door etc.  

Everything within the Mul-T-Lock range from euro cylinders to padlocks can be operated with one patented key.  

The main selling point of the Mul-T-Lock system is the security of knowing that keys cannot be duplicated without the owners permission, it gives the owner peace of mind that rogue duplication keys are not floating around.

Mul-T-Lock NE-Series Padlocks
  • Extra high security padlock
  • Available in both open shackle and closed shackle
  • Case hardened steel body
  • Retained shackle
  • European CEN 3-6 rating
  • Pick and drill resistant
  • Shackle diameters from 8mm to 14mm

Mul-T-Lock NE8G / NE10G                                             

Mul-T-Lock NE10L / NE10H

Mul-T-Lock NE12L / NE12H

Mul-T-Lock NE14L / NE14H

Mul-T-Lock NG10SB / NE12SB

Mul-T-Lock SBE11

Mul-T-Lock C-Series Padlocks
  • High security padlock
  • Hardened steel bodies
  • High security insurance approved locks
  • European CEN 2-5 rating
  • Shackle diameters from 8mm to 16mm
  • Shackle guards optional

Mul-T-Lock C16 - also shown with optional shackle guard

Mul-T-Lock C Series Slide Bolt

Mul-T-Lock Cylinders
  • Half euro cylinders and full euro cylinders with variable offsets
  • Thumb-turns available
  • A range of finishes available
  • Euro and oval cylinders
  • Pick and drill resistant

Friday 20th July 2018

Master Keying

Our range of Mul-T-Lock padlocks and cylinders can be supplied in various types of key control systems. Ranging from the normal individually keyed product, which is supplied as standard, through to master keyed and g rand master key suites. 

Please click on the descriptions below for a more comprehensive explanation of each. If you are in any doubt, or would like further information please do contact us.

- Keyed to Differ

- Keyed Alike

- Master Keyed

- Grand Master Keyed


Mul-T-Lock Garrison Squire Abus