Container security

Padstore – Self-storage company in Lincolnshire

The client

Padstore is a progressive and forward-thinking self-storage company based in Lincolnshire offering cost effective storage solutions.  Padstore approached us at the start of the venture as they wanted a simple, but secure way of securely locking up containers on site to protect their customers’ possessions being stored.  The brief was simple the padlocks needed to be easy to use, insurance rated and Padstore did not want customers getting keys cut themselves.

The challenge

Padstore wanted to make sure that customers could not simply go and get keys cut for their units without permission from management while at the same time offering a high security padlock with the possibly of having an insurance rating.  This is essential as when different people move in and out of the storage solutions it is vital that no one else has keys to gain access.  If customers could get keys cut freely when someone moved out of a storage unit and someone else moves in then the previous customer could potentially gain entry to someone else’s property.

The solution

After listening and understanding the requests from Padstore the perfect solution was to offer a fully patented key system with an insurance rated high security container padlock.  We decided to go for the fully patented Mul-T-Lock key system which means keys cannot be duplicated anywhere without the owner’s permission.  The Mul-T-Lock key system also has the added benefit of being a double-sided key so it is very easy to use from a customer’s perspective compared to a traditional ‘saw tooth’ style key.  We decided to use our very own slidebolt container padlock that is a CEN 4 insurance rating, anti-pick and anti-bump.

The results

The outcome for George at Padstore was exactly what he set out to achieve.  We delivered a high security padlock solution alongside a fully patented key that cannot be duplicated.  This is paramount within the sector George is working within as when a customer leaves and a new customer comes on board it is essential only the current customer has keys to their storage area and no one else.

Customer feedback As a self storage operator there are few, if any, more important elements to the service we provide our customers with than that of security. C & J Supplies have been at the very core of our security from day one, and we have no intentions of this ever changing. The security products they provide, be it cylinder locks, padlocks, CCTV hardware and much more, are second to none. Furthermore, their expertise, customer service and technical support is truly exemplary. As per our customers, we rely heavily on great advice, products and service – C & J Supplies are always on hand to offer the very best in all departments, and without delay. Their attention to detail and perpetual desire to offer the very best all-round service stands them over and above any other provider I know of. Clive, Tom, Kirsty and their brilliant team are fantastic and I cannot recommend them highly enough!