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Salto KS – online system

Salto KS is a straight forward cloud-based access control solution that offers real time capabilities.  Salto KS is a flexible solution that requires no software installation, has remote management capabilities and the ability to send out digital keys to end users.

Salto KS gives you full control of all functions and features from the web app or from the mobile app to keep track of events, remotely unlock any door, block users and send out digital keys.

Salto KS

Features & benefits

Stop replacing locks

With Salto KS there is no need to replace a lock if someone loses their keys.  Simply block out the user remotely.

Ultimate control

Salto KS allows you to create and invite users to your site and individually define who goes where and when all remotely.

Remote Opening

With Salto KS you can open doors remotely from anywhere in the world anytime of the day.  Perfect for letting guests in or a new employee without access.

Real Time Notifications 

Receive real time notifications 24/7 regarding door and user activity.  With Salto KS you gain total visibility for all events and incidents related to your locks and users. 

Send & Receive Digital Keys

A digital key is the virtual equivalent of a card or fob.  You can remotely send out digital keys to users to immediately gain access to doors.  The lock is opened via BLE Bluetooth low energy and does not rely on an active internet connection which makes it as secure as using a physical card or fob.   

Different Lock Modes

Some businesses might need an open front door during business hours.  With Salto KS you can have Easy Office Mode – determine your opening and closing hours and the front door will go into office mode so you will not need to present a card to open it and when you close it will automatically go out of office mode so a card is needed to gain entry.  

Salto Space – offline system 

Salto Space is a fully-integrated, stand-alone wire free smart locking platform and web-based software management system that brings seamless access to every door in any building in an efficient, flexible safe and secure way.  

Salto Space is designed to work in a wire free environment so there is no need to hardwire any door access points in the building – allowing you to keep your original doors in place.

Features & benefits

The Salto Space data on card access control platform is an easy to use system that integrates all physical security needs through networked, stand alone, battery operated wireless smart locks. 

You can manage and secure access control for all of your facilities right from your desk.

Why Salto Space?

  • A broad range of hardware, making smart access to any door possible to cover all the needs of any type of building
  • Low set-up cost and maintenance reducing costs and time of installation
  • Stand-alone, battery-operated electronic locks (no hardwire installation on doors)
  • Web-based software that facilitates the set-up, routine use and monitoring, as well as any updating and changing of access rights.
  • Full control of what doors users have access to and when they are allowed to have access
  • Instant key cancellation
  • Secure, convenient and cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed based on the credentials encrypted to the user’s card
  • It offers the same security and convenience as a wired access control system but with the additional flexibility of being wireless, meaning less network infrastructure and therefore quick and simple existing door retrofit.
Salto KS
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